Workshop 1

“We all carry our masks inside us in everyday life. That is to say, we play our roles. However if we put on a real mask, we will find out who we really are!”  (Italy, unknown author)

Our everyday expressiveness and communication possibilities are especially subject to rules and laws, based on social factors and conditions, group-specific conditioning, self-awareness and behavior patterns. We have internalized those which are presumed to be successful and have already changed or hidden those which evoke negative reactions.

We consequently narrow our focus, change ourselves and distort ourselves and only make use of a portion of our own potential. In order to regain this potential, we need to engage, allow and in the end let go, this is made possible in a special manner by masque.

A neutral large mask sets communicative boundaries, reduces us to gestures and movement. We lose our communication foundations – mimic, language – and dive into a world of silence. We are so to speak “naked” under a mask and experience a more conscious and subtle spatial and physical presence as a result.

We bring ourselves into being!